Friday, 3 April 2015

Reflections & Thank You - #TMLondon

Image courtesy of Martin Burrett

Firstly, I would like to say a huge thank you to everyone single person who came to TMLondon (again!). There were around 250 in attendance and around 200 were watching online. 450 teachers, in their free time, wanting to learn about being better teachers. That is incredibly powerful and very much 'good news' for the profession. I am disappointed that Nicky Morgan, Tristram Hunt and David Laws didn't accept our invites and come along.

A big thank you goes to every presenter. Due to my "prize man" role on the night, I have not yet caught up on the whole evening yet. Thankfully Leon Cych captured the whole evening and I can watch again in my own time, probably bit by bit! If the tweets and blogs are anything to go by, there is so so much to take from the evening.
I'd also like to say a big thanks to team #TMLondon - Ross, Mark, Di, Amjad and Martin. All people absolutely dedicated to making education better, all in very different ways. Particularly thanks must go to Ross, Alex, Asmy and all the staff and students at QKynaston - a fantastic venue, hosts and the perfect bit of positive PR they needed. Thank you.

This is me taking a selfie in Ross' seat in his office

Our sponsors also need a massive thank you. My table was FULL of prizes to reward those who had given up their free time. There is a list up <here>. There are still some prizes to win... find out how <here>. It meant we had lots of food and drink, lots of goodies to take home plus many went home very happy with some excellent prizes including vouchers, IPEVO cameras, dinner in the Shard, ipods, books, subscriptions and much more! Thank you SO much to all. TMs shouldn't be dependent on sponsors but it is a nice reward for those who give up their own time to come along.

Just some of the prizes

Watch Amjad interview me about #TMLondon here: 

The Blogs of the Hosts
  • Ross McGill, aka TeacherToolkit, reflects <here> - The Greatest CPD Ever! 
  • Mark Anderson, aka ICTEvangelist, reflects <here> - My #TMLondon reflections presentation and thanks
  • Amjad Ali, aka ASTSupportaali, writes <here> - #TMLondon 1/04/15
  • Martin Burrett, aka ICTMagic, took some excellent photos <here> - no doubt reports will appear on UKEdChat soon!
  • I have also written a new blog based on my presentation <here>
More Blogs
Please email any further blogs to - if you would like to be considered for a specific prize mention that too! Full details <here> 

Me with all you lovely, lovely people

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