Wednesday, 13 November 2013


Chris Waugh introduced me to student blogging a while back at #TMEssex. His passion for the authentic nature of blogging and the audience that it can create stayed with me.

It's taken a while but I have now managed to get my A2 students regularly blogging at:

However, what next?

I too want this to be authentic writing. I want my students to have an audience, and to interact with other students, teachers - and the world! I want their writing to be of a good standard. I want them to be asked questions. I want them to rework their argument if needed. I want them to change their mind if they are corrected. 

The idea of a blogsync is that we will promote one another's blogs, read one another's blogs, comment on one another's blogs and ask questions about one another's blogs!

So how to do this?

Using the successful BlogSync and QuadBlogging models, I wanted to put together a more specialised RE blogsync. AS/A2 students, as well as potentially able GCSE students would commit to sharing, reading and commenting on one another's' blogs. This gives a fantastic connection and enables them to develop understanding and really push the boundaries of their understanding.

My students can blog about anything they like:
  • A topic from philosophy or ethics
  • A topic they found challenging (as revision)
  • RE in the news
  • A link between philosophy and ethics
  • Something from their wider reading
  • A question that has been left unanswered...
We just need an audience. Do you fancy joining us? 

Please complete the short form at: and I'll be in touch very soon!

See the #REblogsync permanent home here: 


  1. I'm a Philosophy and ethics teacher and I'm interested in the blog idea, but I couldn't follow the link to complete the form.

    1. Sorry Mark - only just seen this - could you drop me an email to