Thursday, 2 January 2014

Marking 'Swap Shop'

What best marking practice can we easily share? I'm helping run an INSET on Monday about marking and I'm running a 'Marking Swap Shop'. My idea is that staff will bring ideas, assessment sheets, marking codes, AfL ideas along and leave on my 'Swap Shop' table, and then take away other ideas.

Our recent Open Door Week was a great success but one thing people often commented on was types and styles of marking. OFSTED's area for improvement was also marking.

Essentially the point about our INSET is looking at how we can make marking a little easier, quicker and ultimately more useful to the student without overburdening colleagues. No one wants to be told to do 'more' and staff can take criticism of their marking (which takes them hours) quite badly.

My request... Do you have any good ideas that I can bring to the table? Any simple strategies, easy techniques? Worksheets? Assessments? 

If so please tweet to @iTeachRE or email to TalkingDonkeyRE [at]  

I'll later blog about all the ideas we get! Many many thanks in advance. 

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