Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Metacognition for KS4 & KS5

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After being appointed as Head of Year 10 for this academic year, one of the things that I wanted to put in place was a useful and meaningful set of study skills lessons. 

To many active Twitter and bloggers, none of this information on metacognition will be new or revolutionary. However despite hearing it discussed frequently on these mediums, as well as at TeachMeets, I have not come across many resources geared towards students. 

I've started with a booklet which is still is in "Version 1" format. I have distributed to Y12 and Y13 RS students and parents recently who seemed interested. I mentioned my work to some Y11 parents who have also emailed and requested a copy. Given the interest and demand, I am now looking at ensuring this resource as good as possible before distributing further. My view is that:
  • It must be concise - I've printed into a A5 readable booklet.
  • It must be user friendly - understandable for Y10 to Y13 students and parents.
  • It must be practical - giving some tips of how this research can manifest itself in a revision timetable.
Download V1 of the booklet here: [PDF] and [Doc]

Download my [draft] 'Learning Review' here: - I envisage students completing this and then going through answers with their tutor or with the above booklet.

Big thanks to Daisy Christodoulou [@daisychristo], Tim Worrell [@musotim], Peter Mannion [@PeterCMannion], Alex Quigley [@HuntingdonEnglish], Turnford School [@turnfordblog] and Shaun Allison [shaun_allison] for their help and inspiration. Also thanks to Daniel Hugill [@danielhugill], Mark Shepstone [@MrShepstoneRE], David Ashton [@thegoldencalfre] and Neil McKain [@nmckain] for some initial feedback!

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