Friday, 8 May 2015

"Teachers Who Don't Like Kids"

On Thursday, I had the privilege of attending the Jack Petchey Speak Out Challenge regional final for Havering. Sadly the student from my school did not get placed, despite doing very well. The standard from the schools was very high indeed. The 3rd placed student came from our 'brother school' (The all boys Catholic secondary to our all girls Catholic secondary). It was entertaining and funny:

Jack Petchey Speak Out page <here>

I do remember from my time at school feeling that some of the teachers did hate us, and hate kids in general! Maybe that is the case? 

I wrote blog a while ago about how kids may well need to feel liked to best learn (see <here>). It got the Andrew Old 'filing' treatment. I can accept that, I agree with Andrew on a lot of things - including where to go for a good group curry in London - but realise that we won't always agree on everything. 

I do always wonder why some students think a certain teacher likes them and why they think another doesn't... and I deal with a LOT of that as Head of Year.

Am I liked? I don't know, probably by some. Why? I have no idea. I try to be fair and reasonable. Does it matter? Possibly...

Good work Billy on his 3rd place. I bet his teachers will love watching this and working out if it is them being mentioned! 

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