Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Education Inspirations [Work In Progress]

I'm not sure what inspired Tom Bennett to write his blog post his education inspirations last weekend (see <here>), but a friend (not a teacher) send me a message last night asking for edu-blog recommendations. My short answer was "the people I had beers and curry with on Saturday", but realised that actually writing a list on my own blog was probably more useful.  

In no particular order, and I am sure I will update with blogs that I have forgotten, here we go:
  • Scenes from the Battleground - THE education blog? Quoted by ministers, certainly one of the oldest edu-blogs, and always a well-researched read - Andrew Old
  • The Behaviour Guru & TES - Not just behaviour... Tom has gained a reputation for his work with ResearchEd, reviewing "Educating..." TV shows and general entertaining writing about the profession - Tom Bennett
  • The Wing to Heaven - Is there anyone better that Daisy to talk to about assessment? I don't think so, Cricket? West Ham? Same. Make sure you also read her book, 7 Myths - Daisy Christodoulou
  • The Learning Spy - David is happy to admit in the past he has been wrong, and is happy to share (after extensive reading) what is wrong in education. He saves me a lot of reading. Since starting to teach part time, his output has been significant - David Didau
  • Blogs About School -  John's blog has been a repeated source of information and inspiration. One of my real favourites - John Dexter
  • LeadingLearner - Stephen's is exec director of a Catholic MAT in Blackpool. He frequently maps out his vision and steps to getting there in his insightful blog. An amazing demonstration of leadership, useful to all schools - Stephen Tierney 
  • This Much I Know About... - A beautifully human and well written blog about being a headteacher, teacher, father and human being - John Tomsett
  • Zest For Learning - A mixture of teaching and leadership. Tom's blog has given me a number of ideas to try out in the past and continues to reflect upon his journey of headship - Tom Sherrington
  • Outside In - A Catholic teacher and Blue Labour supporter. Insightful reflections on many aspects of education - Michael Merrick
  • Evidence Into Practice - Nick's blog has been really helpful in understanding key elements of the psychology useful in teaching. He has a great ability to make the complex very accessible - Nick Rose
  • To The Real - A really insightful blog which cites Plato as an inspiration: that beautiful mix of philosophy and Maths. Kris always has something interesting to say - Kris Boulton
  • Esse Quam Videri - A blog which covers so many different topics. Having met Heather at one of the early blogger curries, I have only recently started reading this. No idea why it took me so long!? - Heather Fearn
  • Othmar's Trombone - This blog is now even better that we know James actually exists, A must follow on Twitter too - James Theobold
  • The Quirky Teacher - One of the few anonymous bloggers left...
  • Reading All the Books - Jo writes quite a lot about English, yet there is something for everyone here with her excellent blog - Jo Facer 
  • Stack of Marking - Another must follow on Twitter. Teaches in FE. Only person to recommend their own blog, but fully justified - Tom Starkey
  • Surreal Anarchy - It's impossible to not love Martin. Likewise, it is impossible to not love his blog - Martin Robinson
  • Laura McInerney - How Laura still has time to write for this while writing for Schools Week, I have no idea. So much good stuff on here - Laura McInerney
  • Filling The Pail - A lot of evidenced based sense all the way from Australia - Greg Ashman
  • Chronotope - A source of good evidence and reflection linked to Carl's work as Wellington's Director of Research. Follow on Twitter for trolling of Dida and Bennett - Carl Hendrick
  • Pragmatic Education - Joe is excellent on knowledge and it's importance. What else do you need to know? - Joe Kirby
  • MM Learning - Mary is an OFSTED inspector and RE champion. She's ace - Mary Myatt
  • Clio Etcetera - Michael's blog is often history focused by very useful for other humanities - Michael Fordham
  • Bodil's Blog - Sometimes Maths, sometimes not. Always excellent - Bodil Isaksen
  • ICT Magic - Martin knows nearly everything about ICT. His list of recommendations is second to none - Martin Burrett
  • ICT Evangelist - Alongside Martin, Mark also knows nearly everything about ICT too - Mark Anderson
  • Tabula Rasa - Katie writes lots of English related things, but also about education more generally - Katie Ashford
  • New To The Post - Amjad is a generous member of the edu-blogger community, always sharing - Amjad Ali
  • TeacherToolkit - No need to mention really - Ross Morrison McGill
  • Governing Matters - One of the few excellent blogs written by a committed governor. If only they were all like this.. - Naureen Afzal
  • "Splogs": Hey Miss Smith - My favourite primary blog, reminding me (informing me?) what it's like teaching the little ones - Jane Manzone
  • Mr Lock's Weblog - Writing a little less now he is a head, I always enjoy Stuart's in depth posts - Stuart Lock
  • Daily Genius - Another head (where do they find the time?) who takes the time to explain his vision and what he is trying to achieve. It's great to share the journey! - Kev Bartle
  • ChocoTzar - A headteacher who often blogs about pastoral issues with great humility. I love this blog. - ChocoTzar

I also had some recommendations via Twitter that I now need to discover and to my read list:
The RE collection

This deserves it's own special section. I have the privilege of running the The RE and Philosophy Education Chamber. These are some of the blogs I return to again and again:
There are more excellent RE bloggers here


This is a lovely site with a real community feel. People to check out;
Starter For Five

A special mention for this blog project for those new to teaching with lots of 'Top Tips 5': here

Who have I missed?

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