Monday, 6 June 2016

Read My Textbook

Read the current proofs <here>


The final, printed version will reflect the approved spec and sample assessments. Exam support will be provided and all tasks in the textbook will match the final, approved spec.

To request inspection copies and class sets from this series, please email, quoting K42995. For each title that you order on inspection, we will send you the corresponding free online drafts as soon as they are available.

It has been a shame that Edexel (Pearson) have been so late to be approved, and I worry that some schools will have picked specs for the 'wrong reasons' (first approved, first textbook available etc) rather than what they genuinely believe is the best spec, with most straightforward assessment and best resourced. 

The CES has been directly involved in the writing of the specs for Eduqas and AQA, which does mean that those specs are to a high standard. However the CES have also worked with this textbook to ensure that, as a resource, it is of the highest quality, authentic and accurate in every detail. 

Many staff have said they want to plan over the summer, and despite the delays, now with the electronic version ready and available to view they are now able to do that. 
  • Read more on my website <here>
  • Read more from OUP <here>
  • Download latest SAMs and Spec from Edexcel <here>
  • SoWs / Course Planners etc <here>


  1. Well, that was refreshing, AJ .. having read one of the worst examples of textbooks now on offer (with over 25 errors in 3 pages) -and spending 3 hours sending suggested corrections to the publisher I was delighted to read your proof copy. To say that I am excited about people using your section on Jewish practice is as much of an understatement as asking whether or not I like chopped liver.

    Yes, I have to say I found one tiny error at the section on the Tabernacle - left out the word "led" .. "It is a key belief of Judaism that God [led] the Jews out of Egypt"

    So what's good?
    Clear and easy to follow information.
    Great references to religious teachings, including biblical, historical and traditional.
    A very nice look to the page.
    In-depth information without a mass of text - well balanced!
    Thanks Al! This is a very kosher book which I think will be a really useful part of many teachers' toolkit.

  2. Roisin Sherrington20 June 2016 at 02:44

    I agree with you Mr Cohen - a fabulous resource which will be useful for anyone planning ANY GCSE SPECIFICATION in RE

    Well done AJ :-)

  3. Now I've looked at more of this I'm very impressed. I like the fact that you keep referring back to the idea of this information as being important for the religious believer to practice their faith. A couple of other minor spelling errors I've just noticed on p 244(??) chapter on The Messianic Secret mentions the "messionic" .. also refers to Isaiah 52:112. Perhaps you mean 52:12 to 53:13 which would make sense from a Christian's p.o.v.. in the section "Who is the Son of Man?" there's a spelling error - "multiu-layered"

    1. Thanks Gerry. Will get on the case. Very much appreciated - glad you are enjoying it!

  4. Its Brill... I have shared this web address with colleagues...