Monday, 29 January 2018

#SRocks18 - Knowing Stuff [Preview]

On Saturday 3rd February, I will be leading a session at the first ever Southern Rocks. I attended Norther Rocks a few years ago and enjoyed my day. Lots of teacher presenting to other teachers. It was therefore a privilege to be asked to lead something this time around.

I described my session as:
How can you change things to ensure that your student's learning is relevant and engaging, yet underpinned by a knowledge-rich curriculum?
A look at tips and tools to do things a little differently, reducing workload and getting the best out of ALL your students.
However as I have been planning, re-planning, working and reworking, I thought I would share some of the things I will discuss and explain my thinking on:
  • Change? What/when/how/why?
  • What is the relationship of engagement, relevance and knowing stuff in the classroom?
  • The importance of knowing - what do we mean by knowing?
  • Implications, tips and advice (rooted in research) for:
    • Planning
    • Starters
    • Activities
    • Note Taking
    • Thinking Deeply
    • Assessment
    • Approaches to Exams
    • Homework
    • Lesson Resources
I am trying to focus on things that individual teachers can do, but departments or even whole schools may want to adopt.

Hopefully a few people will turn up. If not, I'll be playing Ben Folds Five:

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