Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Funding Your Own CPD

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There are two events coming up in September that I want to attend. The first is ResearchEd and the second SLT Camp. Last year my school paid for ResearchEd and for my travel to the Culham St Gabriel's Weekend; both were are at weekends.

I am about to submit applications to my school for both. I am very much hoping that my school will pay for both, but last night I considered what will happen if they say 'no'; will I pay £140 out of my own pocket, plus travel?

I am interested in EBT and Educational Research, but often feel quite on my own at school. I have attended meetings at the DfE and like reading and trying things out in my classroom. I've tried to sell it to others, but with little success... so far! I won a DragonFly course on Research for Learning (RfL) at TMLondonBus which I will be attending in June; my school have given me the day off thankfully. I don't have much in my Performance Management linked to EBT, nor is it part of my TLR, or obviously exam board related. However, I found ResearchEd inspiring, interesting and gave me ideas for my own teaching in many small and often unrecorded ways.

SLT Camp will be interesting. I am not currently SLT, and can only be considered 'aspiring SLT' (in a few years). I am assistant subject leader in RE, which may or may not even be considered a Middle Leader. I work in a Catholic school which means it is a far greater responsibility than in other schools. I have also lead a number of whole school initiatives such as our Family Learning Project, Open Door Week, Marking Swap Shop. I want to start developing the skills I need, and learning from other SLT members... I also feel I have something to offer!

Ultimately if my school say they won't fund them, I will reluctantly fund myself. I believe that my CPD is now something I can take hold of and control. I largely have Twitter to thank for this; blogs, TeachMeets, online coaching, EduBlog curries and so on have all played a massive part. Thank you to all who have helped, and continue you help me; I'll be seeing you in the Autumn term.

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