Tuesday, 29 April 2014

NEW PROJECT: Catholic REsource

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Sometimes you look at what's out there and you are not satisfied. You say to yourself, I wish there was something for this, or a place for that... 

Having taught Catholic RE for 8 years now, I look at the available resources and they remain limited. I have a few go to sites, but on the whole there is not a huge amount out there.

For these reasons I have already done a few things:
I also run www.MrLewisRE.co.uk which is more of a holding site than anything else and www.iTeachRE.co.uk which is really just a collection of bits and pieces.

Last week, I was inspired by an email I received at school from Andy McMillan. Firstly he had taken the time to contact Diocese offices to get his project 'out there', secondly he summed up so well what I often feel:

"I myself am a Catholic RE teacher and after a conversation last year with my year 11 tutor group was surprised to know that many students used YouTube for revision videos for other subjects. However, when I asked them if there were any for RS I was disappointed to find there was a scarcity of material appropriate for the Catholic papers. So, rather than bemoan the lack of resources, I decided to do something about it and create my own, which is why I am now writing to you."

This inspired me to revisit a project I dreamed up many months ago. 

I now invite all who are interested to join me in putting together Catholic REsource. This will be a project put together by anyone willing to bring together some of the fantastic things we do. 

If you think you might be interested... please drop me an email to TalkingDonkeyRE@gmail.com and I'll keep you posted.

The website is starting slowly but surely at www.catholicresource.co.uk - get in touch with you want to help build it! 

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