Thursday, 14 January 2016

#UKEdChat - The 3 Rs: Recruitment, Retention and Retirement

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It's been over 18 months since I last hosted #UKEdChat (see <here>). Tonight, I step in to host and look at the topical issues of teacher recruitment, retention and retirement. We begin at 8pm with these questions:


Q1 - What unusual strategies does your school use to recruit new teachers?
Q2 - How can teachers make the profession more appealing to the ‘outside world’ and improve recruitment?
Q3 - With teacher-demand high, it is an employee’s market, what will this mean for schools?

Q4 - What cost-effective benefits can schools offer to retain staff?
Q5 - Aside from money, what single factor would keep you at a particular school?
Q6 - Can UK teachers be unified to solve problems of retention from within, and if so how?
Q7 - What strategies and opportunities can senior leaders use to motivate their staff, ultimately ensuring they stay?

Q8 - When experienced teachers are costly, how can schools balance both the books and their staffing?
Q9 - What would you say to a member of staff indicating they are leaving the profession?

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