Thursday, 14 July 2016

#BlogFriday - A Year of Blog Sharing

Last September, inspired by meeting Rory Gallagher at Northern Rocks 2015, I started a SHoM #BlogFriday, emailing all staff with a blog post to read each Friday morning. This was not part of any official T&L role (but I did run it past the T&L AHT first).

Blog Friday. An easy way to introduce colleagues to the wealth of information, thinking and resources available on the blogosphere, and a good way to connect with people, to start a conversation, to wish them a good day, a great weekend... (Rory wrote <here>)

I hope that staff found it useful. Some provided feedback, and as I said in my final email (for 14/7/16), if one post changed the thinking of one person, it's been worth it. It was interesting when through reading blogs some staff realised things like 'Brain Gym', 'Learning Styles' etc were not a thing anymore - and that actually we would be better off focusing on the more recent work of educational psychology and the 'science of learning'. 

Some of the blogs were ones I had seen that week, others were favourites I had read a while before, some were reactive of staff mood, some were ones I just wanted to share. I tried to use a variety of 'voices' and styles of blogs, just to expose staff to some of what was being thought and written about in wider education circles.

One of the hopes I had was that staff would consider blogging themselves, and my final #BlogFriday was one encouraging staff to blog themselves - starting on Staffrm. Who knows if anyone will take up the challenge? 

I am moving on from my current school at the end of this year. Once, I have settled in my new school and got to know staff, I may suggest starting a St Bon's #BlogFriday. In the mean time, here is the 2015-2016 #BlogFriday roll call...

Also available:

SHoM #BlogFriday
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25/09/2015Putting Family First
02/10/2015Science for Learning
09/10/2015Good to Great Teaching
16/10/201510 Silver Arrows
23/10/2015Achievable challenge: walking the fine line between comfort and panic
06/11/2015Pupils are uniquely stressed these days
13/11/2015Modelling Good Speech
20/11/2015Great Teaching
27/11/2015Social Media and Staff
04/12/2015At what cost?
11/12/2015It's a Wonderful Job
11/12/2015The Mystery of Learning
18/12/2015Love Teaching
15/01/2016Revision Sessions
22/01/2016OFSTED Myths
29/01/2016What if you never marked another book?
12/02/2016In trying to do so much we do too little
26/02/2016Thinking Hard - Practical Solutions
11/03/2016Knowledge Organisers
14/04/2016How can we help the weakest catch up?
21/04/2016Is effective teaching more about good relationships than anything else?
29/04/2016A Few Quick Tips For The Overwhelmed Educator’
20/05/2016Student Effort
27/05/2016Weak Arguments and Conspriacy Theories
10/06/2016Assessments: Simple but not simplistic
17/06/2016Why Mental health is too important to get wrong
24/06/2016Is it Love?
01/07/2016Do Nows
08/07/201612 Points to Great Teaching
15/07/20167 Reasons to Blog 

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