Tuesday, 25 March 2014

TeachMeet *PLUS*... (More Fun, More Useful!)

After the great success of TMHavering (read all about it <here>), we're at it again in July. This time it will be at my school, and in our new 'Old Chapel' building. It's a fantastic space and we're very excited to be using it. Find out more about the Chapel <here>:

The important question is, what do people want at an end of the year TeachMeet? I think fun and entertainment are important. Plus it is a time for trying out new and creative things as exam pressures are off. There will obviously be food (thanks to the fantastic Mike Bostock and 4Matrix) and maybe even some wine! Socialising and networking is an important part of a TeachMeet.

We are going to keep to the 5min/2min presentation format as it worked well last time. Even 7min feels a little long in the summer! However I am trying to work out what else we can do to make it more fun as well as more useful.

I'm going to try "Bring and Brag" as I have seen at TMLondon on two occasions. This is when people not confident enough to present can simply bring one item or one simple idea and share from the comfort of the floor.

I also think a second badge with your subject/specialism/expertise is in... or maybe just bigger name badges with all that on! This way you'll have a better idea of who to introduce yourself to.

Lastly, I'm going to do TeachMeet bingo. What words do we need? 'Gove', 'Hattie', 'OFSTED', 'iPad'...

I'm blogging to ask for more ideas... over to you!

Please have a look at our website (<here>) and book up your tickets now!
Strict limit of 100 tickets for this event.

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