Friday, 14 March 2014

#TMLondonBus 12/3/14

Photo (c) ictmagic

When I first heard there would be a TeachMeet London on a bus, I'll be honest I was excited. I have no idea who had the idea in the first place but it was one of the most fun TeachMeets I have been to (and I've done a few!). The concept was brilliant, and the wine helped... it was also the perfect antidote to the stress of a Section 48 inspection happening the next day! Many many thanks to all those who joined in.
  • Martin took some excellent photos <here>
  • Keep an eye out <here> for Ross' next event... I'd like a boat please!
  • Leon blogged about it <here>

My presentation was called, "Cut the chat (+ have some fun) @ A-Level". During it, I talked about 3 ideas that I use in the classroom... two of which have come from other TeachMeets!
Thanks again to Ross, Martin and Paul for organising and sponsoring such a brilliant night. Also great to catch up with old friends and make new ones. Next time, when I don't have 3 observations the next day, I'll will drink ALL of the jelly shots!

Photo (c) ictmagic


  1. Glad you came along; even happier your presented and ecstatic you want to come back!

    1. Cheers buddy! You made promises about tubes, boats and all sorts... Can't wait ;)