Friday, 23 May 2014

Philosophy Film Club

Teaching through films is always fun, especially when they are films you love yourself! RE particually lends itself to looking at the philosophical and ethical aspects of the movies and I am tasking my Y12 students with just this over the summer.

I've just set up a new blog for this <here> which students will post on. I've got a box full of DVDs that I'll be leaving in the RE cupboard for them to borrow (eBay and Amazon marketplace are your good friends...).

There will be post-it notes on most of them giving some suggestions as to what focus the review for that film should take.

I've added a competition feature so students can take pride in their writing and try to promote via their own social networks. £20 is worth it to get students engaged and thinking about the subject over summer...

Look forward to the blog about how it goes later in the year!

Our initial collection...

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