Friday, 9 May 2014

TM Havering 2: Arranging My 2nd TeachMeet

Earlier this year, I managed to arrange a TeachMeet with @aknill just 4 days before my wedding. It was a great success and a lot of fun; read about it <here>. Straight away we got a date for TM Havering 2 in the diary.

There is a LOT to think about to make a successful TeachMeet. Part of it is maintaining relationships with sponsors, colleagues in other schools, potential presenters, with the Twitter network as a whole. Part of it is the on the ground organisation and liaison. Part of it is becoming a marketing expert and social media guru appealing to the masses! Many businesses struggle to launch brands and events, but somehow TeachMeets manage to happen.

As 'just' a teacher, I have learnt many new skills by arranging TeachMeets. Andy and I have successfully maintained a website, Twitter account, Facebook page, and email account for well over 6 months now. It is just one of several 'projects' I am involved in and it is sometimes hard to keep up, especially when you just want to switch off and do nothing.

We had sponsorship from 4Matrix, Uteach, Toshiba, Twinkl and Crown House Publishing and at least three of these will be involved in our second event. We had over 80 teachers in attendance on the night, with a further 70 watching at different points online. One week after the event, we had over 30 signed up for the next event.

This week I've spent a few evenings getting everything ready for the second event. Our website, is fully up to date to encourage sponsors, presenters and potential attendees. I've been emailing sponsors, promoting via Twitter and getting all our accounts in order as best I can. During this week, we have allocated a few more tickets plus our first four presenter slots have been filled.

It's a risk having it so close to the end of term, but there is going to be an emphasis on fun and getting to know a few local colleagues. It is also an ideal time of year for trying out a few ideas! I am determined to make it a success and bring along some more of my colleagues... it is at my school after all!

Maybe see you there?

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