Thursday, 1 May 2014

#UKEdChat - RE Subject Special

RE Special: Thursday 15th May 2014 
8 - 9pm

UKEdChat takes place all through the week on Twitter but has a big presence over a few slots. I am hosting the RE subject special and hope many of you can be involved!

If you don't know how UKEdChat works, see here:

The only other thing is to consider some questions to be addressed during the hour long slot... please add suggestions to this blog post.

Also posted on the RE Online Cafe:

Questions, as voted by YOU:

Q1) What's your favourite RE lesson?
Q2) How will the forthcoming Government reforms affect the content of both GCSE and ALevel RS syllabi?
Q3) How can we make GCSE or A-Level RE better?
Q4) How do you promote and raise the profile of RE in your school?
Q5) What's the most important question we can ask as RE teachers?
Q6) What is your best online resource?

Read about it <here>

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