Friday, 12 June 2015

Periscope at HertsSecNATRE

I was very honored to key note the inaugural meeting of the Herts Secondary NATRE Local Group. It was organised off the back of The London RE Hub (see more <here>) by Laura Passmore, Becky Shah, Laura Pope and Flora Richards

It was a fantastic evening, putting a lot of names to faces and sharing some great RE discussion. A note of real thanks must go to Flora's school and students who were amazing hosts. The students were incredibly polite and helpful; they were interested in the event and desperate to look after our every need. Particular note must go to the 'welcoming committee' who were shaking peoples' hands and ensuring I had a chair to "rest my weary legs". The surrounds at Aldenham School were stunning, with hospitality as warm as the weather!

Inspired by Neil McKain, I decided to try and use Periscope for the first time. As Neil has said, he wants more RE documented so it can be shared more widely via Twitter, Save RE, other Local Group meetings etc. This is why were very keen to get all of The London RE Hub filmed too.

First up, I delivered a key note on The Future of RE, similar, but more consise than my presentation to Teach First on Saturday (see here):

Download <here>

You can watch it here:

I then also presented during the TeachMeet section too on some 'quick wins' in RE using metacognition:

Download <here>

Big thanks again to the team for organising, and for inviting me along, I hope I will be able to visit again soon!

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