Saturday, 27 June 2015

Porta Fidei: Challenges at the Chalkface

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I was privileged to be invited by Michael Merrick to present a paper at Porta Fidei in Carlisle on Saturday 27th June 2015:

An academic conference exploring the ambitions, obligations, challenges and obstacles facing faith schools in the United Kingdom. It shall consist of two keynote papers and four seminar sessions, seeking to generate honest discussion and debate in an atmosphere of collegiality and friendship.

We have a variety of speakers - from academia and school leaders, to teachers to public policy experts - presenting papers on themes as diverse as the formation of Catholic teachers, the challenge of secular liberalism to faith schooling, the 'Catholic curriculum', and the challenge of teaching RE in a post-Christian, pluralist society. The day will include two keynote papers and four seminar sessions, entitled: 'What Makes a Catholic School Catholic?', 'Faith and Leadership', 'Challenges at the Chalkface' and 'If Not This, What? Alternative Models of Catholic Education.'

The event is organised in association with the Diocese of Lancaster Education Service. <link>

I spoke about some of the challenges of being a Catholic RE teacher:

Seminar 3 – Challenges from the Chalkface
  • Chair: Canon Luiz Ruscillo
  • Andy Lewis – ‘Religious Literacy and the Purpose of RE’
  • Charlotte Vardy – ‘Are the Curriculum Reforms Good for Catholic RE?' 
  • Fr John Millar – ‘The Challenges of Chaplaincy’
Download my paper notes <here>

Podcast (no idea of quality!) <here>

Conference notes LIVE SCRIBED <here>

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