Saturday, 6 June 2015

The Future of RE - #TFREConference

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  • What are the challenges that will face RE in the next 5 years?
  • How can we recruit enough RE teachers?
  • Can we ensure quality RE provision with non-specialists?
  • Will SACREs remain relevant and useful?
  • What changes in the law do we want or need to improve RE?
  • What effect will the new GCSEs and A-Levels have on the subject as a whole?
These are some of he questions I attempted to answer in my presentation on 'The Future of RE' at the Teach First Curriculum and Controversy Conference in June 2015.

To download view the presentation with my speaker notes, download <here>


Resources from Culham St Gabriel's Thinking Days March / April 2015

Day 1 - What should / could a 2020 Ofsted Report on RE look like?
Ofsted A
Ofsted B
Day 2 - How could this be achieved?
Timeline A
Timeline B
Plan A
Plan B

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