Tuesday, 25 August 2015

ALL the RE Blogs

Image courtesy of Alice Walker

A few months back, after some frustration at some aspects of Twitter and Save RE (on Facebook), I set up #BlogSyncRE. This consisted of a website and a Twitter account which shared RE blogs. Since May, this has seen many first time RE bloggers, sharing some really good and insightful stuff. See more here: www.BlogSyncRE.org.uk and www.twitter.com/BlogSyncRE

There was some concerns... someone told me they didn't think it was a good idea as there would be a whole load of rubbish, another told me of their hatred of any kind of blogsync as everyone just writes the same thing. Thankfully, to date, neither of these have been the case.  

Now Andrew Old has begun setting up subject specific Echo Chamber's and I have been given the task of managing the RE & Philosophy one: https://thereandphilosophyechochamber.wordpress.com/

My task is now this... how do we bring the two together?

I thought about "REflections (on RE)" (too cheesy?) with a Facebook page and Twitter publishing all the blogs from the Echo Chamber and perhaps rebranding the BlogSyncRE site to something to match.

I am conscious that updating the current BlogSyncRE site is slightly laborious and time consuming and whether it worth maintaining with the Echo Chamber?

I welcome thoughts, questions, ideas and comments from the RE community who will obviously be the main users of these! But equally feel free to chip in...