Friday, 9 February 2018

AudioPi: Catholic Christianity & Judaism

Last summer, I was invited to be part of an exciting new project aimed at helping Catholic schools delivering the new GCSE specifications. I spent a lot of time working with the AudioPi team to identify different ways to deliver material that covers all three boards that offer a Catholic paper: AQA, Edexcel and Eduqas. I then worked with a range of teacher script writers to produce entertaining and informative scripts that would be transformed into professional podcasts. This was a new adventure for me, but a fascinating one. There was a whole team who worked on these to ensure they are the best possible resources for students in Catholic schools. Huge thanks goes to Philip Robinson of the CES who worked tirelessly to get them all 'just right'.

So where are they? There are currently 20 Catholic Christianity tutorials and 25 Judaism tutorials

AQA: Catholic Christianity & Judaism

Edexcel: Catholic Christianity & Judaism

Eduqas: Catholic Christianity & Judaism

For each set there are samples you can listen to straight away!

You can then sign up for a free trail <here> so you can listen to the rest. This is obligation free and will allow you and your students to try out the tutorials. They can listen via the website or download to listen to on the move via both the GooglePlay / Android store or the Apple App Store. If you sign up, please mention that you heard of AudioPi via Andy Lewis.

The AudioPi team offer flexible subscription models, and are not just for RE! Other departments in your school may well be interested to see what tutorials are on offer.

Personally, I have rarely found GCSE resources that are suitably tailored to the demands of the Catholic papers, and so this resource is very welcomed. Other student podcasts are too general and don't cover the necessary material. I have been excited to share these with our parents and students - and the feedback is already very positive.

AudioPi are featured on the TeacherToolkit blog <here>:

Anything that encourages students to access their learning outside of school, gets the thumbs up from me. The podcasts are engaging and relevant for today’s academic curriculum and believe it will be a useful asset for teachers and students.” @TeacherToolkit

Saturday, 3 February 2018

#SRocks18 - Knowing Stuff [Presentation]

All about: Southern Rocks 2018

My session preview is [here], and these are my Slides:

I'll try and add some further notes for context in the near future.

Huge thanks for Kris and David for the invite. See you at #SRocks19...