Tuesday, 9 February 2016

TM Bexely & Greenwich: 5 in 5 - Being A Great Form Tutor

Sadly I was unable to attend this TeachMeet and support the amazing team behind it - they were so supportive of TM Havering events and I wanted to return the favour. Their theme was "#FiveIn5" which a brilliant way of focussing loads of advice in a small slot (and similar to the Starter for Five blog). Anyway, here is my video presentation of on "Being A Great Form Tutor:

Friday, 5 February 2016

RE – Am I Bothered? 18/6/16

I will be leading a session at the St Alban's RE conference looking at how RE teachers can help themselves. The two key areas that I will focus on are:
  • Organising a TeachMeet (particularly for RE teachers)
  • Using Social Media positively for CPD
The mantra 'doing it for ourselves' is going to be ever more true as department budgets are slashed and schools simply do not let staff out. Equally the best resources that exist can be those in local community - even in your (often small) department do you share good practice? NATRE can support through their local group network, but maybe you could expand to a humanities TeachMeet in your local area? Could you film and leave a legacy of CPD? (See this from 2013)

Social media has also afforded us previously untapped resources. Could you use to speak to an expert? A faith believer? Colleagues nationally? Can you share via DropBox / GoogleDrive? Work collaboratively? Twitter chats such #rechatuk? Save RE Facebook groups?

My session will look at all of this and much more.

More info <here>