Monday, 26 January 2015

#TMBett15: Pastoral Stuff @ TMs (or the lack of)

Image courtesy of @ICTmagic @UKEdMag

475 teachers in Excel after a busy day at BETT. It must be TeachMeet BETT... generally regarded as the biggest TM going. 

I put myself down to present last year and got a little disappointed at not getting picked. Every other TM where I have put myself forward, I have always got to present, but this is no ordianary TM and those willing to share their ideas could easily fill a few days! 

This year, I went for a 2min presentation creatively entitled "The Oil in the Machine": Pastoral Stuff @ TMs (or the lack of) which can be found at: 

I can only presume it was well received from my TL, which went MENTAL. It seemed to strike a chord with many... we don't talk as much about pastoral issues as we do academic / pedagogical. There are lots of reasons for this, but as I read through my tweets, added new followers and favourited all the nice comments, I did wonder if there is a way of better connecting those who are blogging and tweeting about pastoral issues. Is there space for another hashtag? Or another weekly Twitter chat? Is there another way?

It left me some food for thought. It'd be great to hear from more pastoral leaders (all of us!) who are tweeting and blogging about these issues as I want to read more... I'm still new to this post and want to be as good as I possibly can at it; I'd like to share in your wisdom! Get in touch.

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